actual diary entry from when i was in 5th grade oh my god

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I got ready 20min early so here’s a selfie

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how the fuck does that just “happen” to a pizza

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This morning is so dumb but look how cute I was the other day

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“What the hell is a jay-peg? Do you mean a jay-pee-gee?”

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Client: Do you do lemonade?

Me: Do we do… lemonade?

Client: Yes, I was told you do that here.

Me: I’m sorry, this is a graphics and print shop.

Client: I know that. I’m not an idiot. 

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to -  

Client: Look If you can’t lemonade these papers for me then I’ll go somewhere else!

Me: Do you mean… laminate?


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Title: U Guessed It [Prod. Brandon Thomas]
Artist: OG Maco & Key!
Album: Give Em Hell EP
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